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“The Social Network” Sequel To Be Set at Wesleyan

Aaron Sorkin will follow his blockbuster The Social Network with another screenplay about campus entrepreneurs who use the internet for evil.

“I heard about while researching Harvard’s social scene,” Sorkin said. “My new screenplay, The Gossip Site, also
explores how young, bitter men are able to use the internet to appeal to the dark side of human nature.”

The new film will follow Frank Peter, a Wesleyan freshman who takes a small message board and expands it into a national gossip empire.

“Frank’s a fascinating character,” Sorkin said. “He understands everything about human nature. The question is whether or not he’s actually that much of a cad.”

In one scene, Peter’s girlfriend breaks up with him, leaving him with nowhere to turn but his website.

“Frank posts a heartfelt confession of his heartbreak,” said Sorkin. “But the only replies are ‘2/10,’ ‘GTFO prefrosh,’ and ‘Nice try, Mytheos.’ It’s only when Frank personally experiences the anarchy and scorn of the ACB that he begins to understand the responsibility he holds.

Peter does not believe the film will affect his reputation. “I’m untouchable,” he says.

The Gossip Site will go to production later this year, with The Social Network director David Fincher at the helm.

“It’s going to have a lot of stylized night scenes,” said Fincher.