This is the online component of the humor section of the Argus, the Wesleyan University newspaper.


POV: New Wesleyan Website

Last week the University unveiled a controversial new Wesleyan website. What do you think?

Jane Thernstrom ‘10
Religion and Physics Major
“The website’s fine. I just think it’s time Wesleyan got a new motto. How about: The School That MGMT Went To, Since 1831.”

Martin Benjamin ‘57
English Major
“The website was far superior back in ’54. I was there.”

Gregory Baker ‘12
Prospective African-American Studies Major
“Aren’t there more urgent uses of funds during a budget crisis? I mean, c’mon—the Usdan doors don’t even open anymore.”

Mica Newfin ‘10
Hipster Studies Major
“So? I have the Wesleyan website on vinyl. The first one.”

Peter Meth ‘11
Computer Science Major and Anthropology Major
“This web design really puts my Amish-themed Porn site to shame.”

Lori Crow ‘13
Prospective College of Social Studies Major
“Personally, I just think is such a boring URL. Was already taken?”