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Ampersand Receives Ampersand Award for Video Activism

A delegation of Ampersand representatives traveled to Butterfield C on Thursday to receive the prestigious Ampersand Award for Video Activism. The Ampersand, which recently made waves with its pro-Ampersand video “I Have Sex,” is proud to accept the award from the Ampersand, which regularly seeks to promote Ampersand awareness on campus through new media initiatives.

“We’re presenting this award on behalf of the Ampersand to honor a timely example of political activism on an issue that matters to the whole Ampersand,” explained presenter Ben Soloway ’13, who then hopped down from the COL Lounge podium to accept the award with tears in his eyes.

The Ampersand Award for Video Activism honors “an individual, family, or institution for their outstanding philanthropy on behalf of the Ampersand’s mission and commitment to Ampersand health and rights.”