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Article Needs More Jokes, Says Ampersand Editor

When Ampersand writer Danny Witkin ’13 presented his new article, entitled “Michael Roth Wears Adult Diapers,” at a recent staff meeting, he expected it to be well-received by the staff. But while his reading of the piece did elicit a few chortles, it failed to impress Ampersand co-editor Benjamin Soloway ’13.

Soloway, who had been texting his girlfriend throughout Witkin’s reading, remarked that the article’s subject matter was little more than a lackluster rehashing of comedic themes thoroughly explored by the Ampersand in the past, and suggested that Witkin “add some jokes about St. Augustine or some shit.”

Witkin was at first dismayed by Soloway’s lambasting of his piece, but later acknowledged that it was indeed lacking in the joke department. “I was really hungover when I wrote it,” Witkin explained. “From drinking Dubra.”

“It’s pretty inside-jokey,” remarked Ampersand writer Daniel Nass ’13. “And it relies too much on meta humor. Nobody likes that shit. Especially not me.”

Zach Schonfeld ’13, Soloway’s co-editor, was more measured in his criticism.

“I thought it was pretty good,” Schonfeld remarked, “but maybe you could rewrite it as a series of Das Racist tweets.”