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Yet to solidify your summer plans?

Do you have good communication skills? Solid writing skills? Top-notch social skills? Other skills? Enthusiasm? Are you a normal person who wants to be successful? Do you look sexy in business-casual? Do your parents want to pay for you to do unrewarding work without being paid?

Consider the Ampersand Social Media Internship!

Do not miss this opportunity to network, develop skills, and build your résumé. Begin marketing your personal brand!

The Ampersand is a rapidly growing, multi platform communications corporation. Our small team of employees is dedicated to innovation and creative problem solving. Join us on our ride to the top!

Do you have a deep love of tweeting? Did you tweet about Kate’s dress? Did you tweet about Osama’s death? This sounds like the job for you!

To apply, please fax us a writing sample: (212) 513-3047