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Matisyahu Confused by Interest in Matisyahu

In an exclusive interview with the Ampersand on Tuesday, moderately successful post-Hasidic reggae artist Matisyahu expressed confusion regarding popular interest in Matisyahu on campus.

“I haven’t gotten excited about a Matisyahu show since 2004,” said performing artist Matisyahu, who seemed as baffled as everyone else by the overwhelming turnout at his March 12 performance at the Spurrier-Snyder Ice Rink. “Different strokes, I guess.”

The 31-year-old performer seemed especially bewildered by Wesleyan’s reaction to his mildly amusing April Fools’ prank.

“I mean, demanding $50,000 for a mediocre novelty act seemed funny at the time,” he added. “But, like—seriously, guys, do you want that money back now?”

Throughout the interview, Matisyahu expressed firm commitment to working with the Wesleyan community to ensure that something like Matisyahu does not happen again.

Chiddy Bang was not immediately available for comment due to their secret midnight performance with the Pistol Whip Orchestra in Eclectic’s prestigious Gote Room.