This is the online component of the humor section of the Argus, the Wesleyan University newspaper.


The Ampersand Liveblogs Olin

8:35  Wave at Sally by the computers but she doesn’t see me.
8:36  Shun elevator for the stairs.
8:37  JK, take elevator.
8:40  Settle into a cubicle on 3A.
8:42  Open Econ textbook.
9:05:06  “Should I run to Weshop?”
9:05:10  “Too far… and this is cubicle that smells the best.”
9:15  Four pages… twenty to go.
9:30  Four pages…
9:50  Four pages…
9:51  Five pages!
9:52  Have to pee but don’t want to lose seat/have things stolen.
9:56  Risk it: run to the bathroom.
9:59  Run back: everything still there. Sigh of relief.
10:10  Super productive: seven pages.
10:11  Reward self with Facebook break.
10:40  Log off Facebook… rats.
10:41  Still hungry.
11:00  Still page six.
11:20  Wow, page ten! Facebook!
11:21  Receive Reddit link.
12:00 a.m.  Close Westicles, turn off airport, curse self: Weshop has closed!
12:20  So, so hungry.
12:21  Text friends for food.
12:23  What ‘friends’?
12:25  Very cold and very alone.